Case Study #3

How we helped a hospital that had failed to complete a CHNA and was being fined $100,000.

The Challenge

A Hospital in northern California contacted HealthTech to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment after the Hospital had had failed to complete a CHNA as required under §501(c)(3) and was being fined $100,000.

The Approach

- We worked aggressively to complete the CHNA in record time, taking only six weeks rather than the usual 3- 4 months.
- A multi-faceted approach was used to gather information about the health needs of the community and to develop priorities for health improvement.
- The process focused on gathering and analyzing secondary data as well as obtaining input from key stakeholders and the community to identify and define significant health needs, issues, and concerns.
- A total of fourteen individual interviews were conducted. A provider survey distributed, and a community survey developed with 233 respondents.
- This data collection process led a setting a priority schedule aloe with an implementation plan.

The Results

Healthtech routinely receives stellar feedback on its highly interactive and collaborative CHNA process due to:
- Alignment with the facility's strategic plan and population health strategies.
- Diligent research to find the most current secondary data
- Emphasis on social determinants of health and health disparities
- Highly interactive approach


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