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March 8 2024 at 11am CT

Everything you ever wanted to know about Swing Bed! Part 2: Beyond basics

This 60-minute webinar will build on Part 1 The Basics and focus on how to optimize the Swing bed patient experience from both a physical and psycho-social perspective.

April 12 2024 at 11am CT

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Swing Bed! Part 3: Strategies to hardwire your Swing Bed program for success

Every hospital wants its Swing Bed program to be successful. So why do some programs struggle with staff or provider commitment, meeting regulatory requirements, or meeting goals for growth?

April 26 2024 at 12pm CT

Adaptive leadership in a changing environment

Adaptive leaders possess a set of qualities that enable them to navigate and lead effectively in the face of constant change and uncertainty. These leaders not only embrace change but also guide their teams through it, fostering resilience and maintaining focus on organizational goals. Join us for this webinar that will examine the principles of adaptive leadership and provide actionable strategies to effectively lead through change.



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