Five Keys For A Successful Hospital CFO

There are a hundred different ways a work day can go awry for a CFO, so understanding the key priorities and goals of an effective CFO and executive leader is important. Having the discipline necessary to stick to them on a daily basis may even be harder but greatly improves outcomes.


Critical Strategies For Interim Leaders

Interim leadership: It’s a big job, but somebody has to do it. And there’s too much at stake in healthcare today for an interim leader to simply keep the seat warm.


The Link Between Revenue And A Recruiting Brand

Many leadership teams don’t fully recognize that an attractive recruiting brand does more for your organization than keep a steady pipeline of quality candidates, it can also lower your recruiting costs, improve onboarding and initial employee performance, and – most importantly – add to the bottom line.


5 Tips For Better Interim Placement

Finding the right candidate right away is key to helping hospitals minimize the fallout of what can sometimes be a sticky situation—a botched survey, financial foul play, offensive behavior.


Interim Leaders: Filling the gaps during recovery and beyond

What’s the difference between a consultant and an interim leader? While both may come into an organization for a defined period of time and make recommendations, only the interim can actually act on those ideas.

HealthTech Staffing Women's Month

It’s Women’s Month

Throughout March we will be highlighting the strong women of HealthTech.

HealthTech Diversity Blog

Building A Roadmap To Increase Diversity And Recruit New Talent

Each year, healthcare companies spend tens of thousands of dollars recruiting competitive talent and prospective candidates from all across the country.


Beyond The Buzz: Practical applications of artificial intelligence in revenue cycle management

Buzzword alert! For the past few years, if not longer, artificial intelligence has been promising to revolutionize the hospital revenue cycle. But the reality of applying AI to RCM has been less transformational.


How To Turn Opportunity Into Success With Swing Bed As A Service Line

For most rural and critical access hospitals (CAHs), swing bed programs remain an underutilized opportunity. When empty acute-care beds can be used for post-acute care services, hospitals can drive revenue while providing a vital service for their community.


Lifting The Fog On Swing Beds: Clear Up Confusion To Maximize Opportunity

Even though swing beds were authorized more than three decades ago and close to 90% of eligible hospitals take advantage of them, questions and confusion remain over how they can be used and how to appropriately document their use.

HealthTech Leadership Blog

5 Ways To Foster Resilience In Any Healthcare Team

Resilience has become a buzzword among healthcare leaders over recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, showing resilience in the face of upheaval has taken on new significance.


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