Operational Assessments

Operational Assessments

HealthTech consultants provide a comprehensive operational assessment focused on identifying internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. The HealthTech operational assessment findings are shared with senior leaders along with recommended strategies for maximizing internal strengths, overcoming internal weaknesses, leveraging external opportunities and mitigating external threats.

The assessment typically includes a review of the following:

 – High-level environmental assessment including market

 – demographics, physician demand, and service mix

 – Demographic, volume and operational data

 – Marketing initiatives

 – Patient care delivery systems  

 – Processes, including quality outcomes

 – Clinical Resource Management Discharge planning

 – Discharge planning processes

 – Survey readiness

 – Swing Bed

 – Care Coordination

 – Revenue Cycle

 – Productivity and Labour

 – Supply Chain

 – Financial Statements


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