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Ambition for the best in community hospital management leads us all. We care about the quality & integrity of our work above all else.


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Mary Jane HealthTech
Mary Jane Lowrance Executive Director Clinical
Quality Improvement
Logan Health
Michael Mondoux HealthTech
Michael Mondoux Director of Facilities
San Luis Valley Health
Taylor Payne HealthTech
Taylor Payne Regulatory Compliance Officer
Mt Graham Regional
Medical Center
Belen Manybanseng HealthTech
Belen L. Manybanseng Mountain Communities
Healthcare District,
Trinity Hospital
Taylor Rose Director of Operations
Big Sky Medical Center
Tami Middleton Program Manager
White Mountain Regional Medical Center
Katrina Strowbridge PI Manager
Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Alicia Edwards Board Chair
Gila Regional Medical Center

" Logan Health was so grateful for the experts from HealthTech for their 4 days with us. From their findings
our organization has made many significant improvements to processes, policies and procedures.
We appreciated the daily review of issues found and the exceptional, in depth report which we have
been working from. We now feel like we are much better aligned to the requirements of a full survey
then we were before they visited us. Thank you HealthTech. "

" Our CMS/State Life Safety Survey was a huge success! The surveyor said our 5 K-Tags were
the fewest he had written in four years. We had no conditions. He said the books and their
organization were some of the best he has seen. We couldn’t have achieved that without
the help of an HealthTech mock survey, and then constant help along the way!!! "

" We consulted Healthtech to help us prepare to make the conversion to a Critical Access Hospital.
Her expertise and help were greatly appreciated by us as we underwent the process. She was flexible
with her schedule while were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and her suggestions helped us
to prepare and pass our survey. I would recommend her services. "

" I have worked with HealthTech now for the past three years. I have mostly worked directly with Carolyn; she is knowledgeable in her field and provides clear explanations to questions. The webinars that HealthTech give provides valuable information to assist our organization with staying in compliance. I have been involved in two full scale mock surveys; both with Carolyn. The depth to which she evaluates the organization helps us to prepare for surveys. Carolyn is professional and I have enjoyed working with her, and I appreciate the service that she provides. She goes above and beyond, and is available whenever I have questions or need resources. "

"The team at HealthTech provided us the much needed guidance and structure we needed to get our swing bed program off the ground. As the only CAH in a small health system, our experience and expertise was limited. HealthTech ensured we followed the required regulations, policies, and processes which set us up for success.
We cannot thank them enough. "

" I was new to the role of Swing Bed Program Manager and needed some expertise in the matter of CAH/Swing Bed regulatory requirements. After listening to one of Carolyn’s webinars, I contacted her about consulting for us.
She was able to come on site and see what we had in place and help guide us to ensuring we are in compliance.
She was always available by either email or phone. Her knowledge was such a huge help for the entire Swing Bed program. "

" I know it was invaluable to our team. We went into the project feeling confident we were meeting the CoP’s and comfortable with our performance. We had some internal data, but nothing really solid to provide outcome measurement data. The process of reviewing our policies, procedures, workflows and data measurement helped to support Swingbed patients, and to really build a stronger program. We could not have done this without the help of Carolyn St. Charles, HT Support and the PIN PI Project. Through the project evolution we learned that we had some work to do, had the resources and support to turn the program into the right direction quickly and now we are confidently comfortable with our program, tools and resources. "

The HealthTech team brought immediate financial, clinical and operational resources to our hospital at a time of incredible upheaval. Their professional staff helped turn our hospital from significant financial losses ($47M loss over the prior 8 years) to a sustainable and profitable operation that is serving our community today.
The HealthTech team continues to provide much-needed guidance and timely coaching for our staff and
despite the monumental challenges facing rural hospitals, we are optimistic about our future.

Margin Improvement

HealthTech consultants provide a comprehensive margin improvement assessment focused on identifying internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. The HealthTech margin improvement findings are shared with senior leaders along with recommended strategies for maximizing internal strengths, overcoming internal weaknesses, leveraging external opportunities and mitigating external threats.

Our goal is to create purposeful work that works for
both your community hospital and your patients.

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We believe in compassion. We're quite hard on our ourselves, but not on each other.


Humanity Obsessed

We strive to do work that adds value to people’s lives. We believe our industry needs to be transformed to create sustainable outcomes.



We care about the healthcare industry, combined with our experience & knowledge, results in us being trusted partners & service providers.


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Western Healthcare Alliance
Upson Regional Medical Center
Tomah Health
Spooner Health
Icahn Hospital Network
Hot Springs Health
Gila Regional Medical Centre
Cobre Valley Regional Medical Centre
Critical Access Hospital Network
Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics
Barrett Hospital & Healthcare
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HealthTech Staffing

Ambition for the best in community hospital management leads us all.

“I have had the pleasure of working with HealthTech for many years. Their expertise in quality improvement and compliance has proven invaluable to our District’s survey readiness. Providing comprehensive reports and ongoing support, I would highly recommend HealthTech consulting services.” – Dena Griffith,
Quality Improvement/Risk Manager, Kern Valley Healthcare District.

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How we turned a hospital from a $20 Million loss to breakeven in less than one year.

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After one year of implementation, over 200 patients into the program with revenues of nearly $120,000.

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How we helped a hospital that failed to complete a CHNA and was being fined $100 000

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Hosted by our industry experts, these webinars are designed to provide you and your team with actionable insights and guidance that support improving performance, achieving compliance, reducing costs and ultimately improving patient care.

The webinars that HealthTech give provides valuable information to assist our organization with staying in compliance.” – Belen L. Manybanseng

– CNO at Mountain Communities Healthcare District, Trinity Hospital.



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